Brexit Process

Updated November 13th ,2019
Managing a supply chain between the UK and the EU has been relatively straightforward, however the Brexit potentially brings large-scale changes, with a range of challenges as well as potential opportunities.
To avoid disruption in our supply chain, please note that Markem-Imaje continues to proactively develop and adjust its plans as new political information is made available. Markem-Imaje continues to work with its suppliers and partners on effective scenario planning, combined with analysis of potential consequences of a post-Brexit economy.
To answer your most urgent questions, do not hesitate to read the following Questions & Answers.

Does Markem-Imaje have a dedicated team in place to deal with Brexit consequences?

Yes, Markem-Imaje has appointed a team to assess and manage Brexit consequences. The team will focus on the following areas:
  1. Remain informed about the latest developments and outcomes of the Brexit negotiations.
  2. Secure Markem-Imaje’s supply by working closely with our suppliers.
  3. Pro-actively adapt our Supply Chain mapping to cope with any scenario.

How would Markem-Imaje qualify its global exposure to Brexit consequences?

Markem-Imaje Supply Chain is global: shipping to more than 130 countries in the world. Markem-Imaje has a deep and broad experience and expertise in managing import/export flows. Markem-Imaje has been present in the UK for more than 20 years. We have our own facilities on each side of the border, which is a strong asset to support any changes to come.

Has Markem-Imaje assessed all potential impacts of Brexit on its business?

With the information available today (since negotiations are still in progress), we have evaluated the main risks and potential impacts. We acknowledge that the main ones relate to potential delays at the UK/EU border, which could impact both our deliveries and our suppliers’ deliveries.

How would you describe Markem-Imaje’s overall strategy to handle Brexit?

  • Our plan is to build inventories both in the UK and in the EU before Brexit becomes active.
  • We will utilize our already-strong distribution platform, in cooperation with our transport partners, to secure border crossing, and limit impacts on lead-times.
  • We will maintain a permanent communication with our customers, suppliers and partners, to build collaborative solutions.
  • We will remain up-to-date as per the latest developments of the Brexit and adapt accordingly.

Has Markem-Imaje contacted its suppliers to evaluate their readiness to face Brexit?

Yes. It is an on-going process.

Does Markem-Imaje supply products that will be impacted by the Brexit?

Yes. We have raw materials shipping from/to the UK. We also ship finished products, spares, consumables, etc. daily to our UK customers from our different EU logistic hubs.

Has Markem-Imaje decided to deploy contingency plans?

Yes, starting with anticipating the increase in some inventory items.

Are those mitigations already effective? If not, when will they be?

Not all of them, but we are committed to deploy them before Brexit becomes active.

Does Markem-Imaje already have import/export experts in its organization?

Yes. We have raw materials shipping from/to the UK. We also ship finished products, spares, consumables, etc. daily to our UK customers from our different EU logistic hubs.

Are Markem-Imaje products already accurately identified to cross borders (HS codes, country of origin)?

Yes. Being a global provider, import/export-related material data is mandatory information we keep track of in our IT systems.

UK becoming a ‘third country’, is Markem-Imaje ready – if the need arises – to comply with new import and export customs declarations?

Yes. Being a global provider, we already have the tools and partners to cope with customs regulations. We are ready to adapt our procedures according to any new requirements.

With potential customs checks between the UK and the EU, there may be potential delays at the UK/EU border. How resilient is Markem-Imaje supply chain to potential border delays?

We work closely with a transport partner who is one of the leaders on the market. We are confident that they will manage those changes. Indeed, they use their own planes and infrastructures. We are in close and regular contact with them to ensure that they will support the move.

Is Markem-Imaje planning to increase its inventories?

Yes. We are facing uncertainty today regarding the output of the negotiations, and as an initiative to mitigate the risks, we do plan to increase some inventories as to have them across the border before Brexit becomes active.
Some products are not eligible to having advanced inventories. An example of this is equipment that is “assembled to order” which needs to be technically customized to a specific customer configuration. For specific cases like this, we will work with our customers to best anticipate their requirements, and from our side, to implement order priorities to reduce lead time impact.

Is Markem-Imaje planning to buy additional storage space?

We already have our own premises both in the UK and in the EU. Should we need to extend our storage capacity, we will use our logistic partner’s storage locations.

Does Markem-Imaje anticipate on future changes in trade tariffs?

We are receiving advice from subject matter experts in relation to trade tariffs. In accordance with our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to increase the price payable for products which have not yet been delivered to include increased costs and duties.

Is there a specific email address to reach you if I have questions?

Please send an email to [email protected].
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