Cables, wires, tubes, pipes and profiles


Logos, requirement specifications and specific coding wire and cable options.


Wide range of polymers (PE, PP, PA, PUR, halogen-free, etc).

Market needs

High quality printing, robustness for demanding environments, high speed printing and reduction of packaging inventory.

Specific applications:

  • High contrast marking.
  • Water- and alcohol-resistant marking.
  • Resistant to thermal variations.
  • Non migrating and light fast marking.

Markem-Imaje Solution

We provide the latest technologies designed specifically for the industry. Our machines can be operated independently or networked for effective management of your entire process. They also minimize operator errors with the use of our CoLOS software. From inkjet coding optical fiber to labeling shrink-wrapped spools, our inkjet, hot melt and print & apply technologies can seamlessly integrate within your manufacturing lines and maintain your market expectations, while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing your sustainability.

Dedicated products for your specific market

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